Belly fat?

These are the last few days of 2017. How are you feeling? Bright and excited? Or puffy and a little swollen? If the former is the case then YAY! Let’s get EVEN DEEPER into that feeling, let’s take it to the next level in 2018! If the latter is your truth then YAY! Let’s talk about that now!  And let’s plan to make a difference for you FAST. 

No matter where we find ourselves today, there is always a next level of wellness available to us, right now, today, if we choose to step into it. The suggestions below are simple, implementable and they work if we are consistent.

Before we dive in I want to share with you two things I read in the past week.

Firstly, I read an article in the New York Times that really struck a nerve.  It is about nutritionists in Malaysia, which is now Asia's fattest country, being paid by large food companies to carry out “research” convincing people that the heavily processed products sold by these corporations are the healthiest choices they can make. 

Why am I talking about a story in Asia? Because it is a reminder that the same manipulation happens whenever we go shopping. And you know what really isn’t going to keep us lean and healthy? The “food like substances” that are screaming at us from the middle aisles of the supermarket. Let's not be fooled by their carefully crafted claims.

Secondly, apparently “how to lose belly fat fast” was in the top 10 of “how to” google searches in 2017. Really? We still don’t get the fact that fast fixes don’t work?

If we are truly committed to losing weight and keep it off, to living a healthful life, to enjoying brighter skin, and experiencing deeper sleep, to living with a clear mind, it is time to ask ourselves if what we have done up until today is really working.  How do we want to feel this time next month? How about this coming spring? Summer? Next Christmas?

We need to come to terms with the fact that there really is no quick fix that will instantly rid us of belly fat and keep it off. What we need is real change in our long term habits.

We also need to become hyper aware of the manipulations of giant food corporations. The article in the New York Times isn’t just about Asia, it is happening here, every day, every time we shop for groceries. That “diet” food in the middle of the supermarket DOES NOT WORK. That box of sugar-laden cereal isn’t going to nourish us or our kids. That candy bar or box of cookies really isn’t what we need at 3pm, no matter how “low fat/low calorie” the label may state it to be. We need to reject these products, the items that cause weight gain and sickness through inflammation, and replace them with real, whole foods.

So now we know what to reject, what positive steps can we take to help us on our way? Read on...


The holidays happen. What’s done is done. Let's not beat ourselves up. Memories were made. That's cool! Besides, more stress will only aggravate the situation, messing with our immune systems, raising cortisol levels and with them weight levels too. Let it go and take it from here with simple and gentle steps. 

Return to routine. Turn off the screens early. Get an epsom salt bath. Pick up a book. Drink tea. Get to bed early. Set the alarm for our regular wake-up time. Don’t hit snooze. Make the bed.

What our bodies need is REAL FOOD that it can recognise and process and use to help us to thrive. Let's keep it simple. Get those micronutrients in. Choose lean proteins, fresh vegetables and low sugar fruits, nuts, seeds and whole grains (not in the form of processed foods - the real stuff). And to really get things moving in the right direction, add in some super-detoxifying foods such as chia or (ground) flax seeds. Need some recipe inspiration? The internet is bursting with suggestions. Want some personal attention? Work with me!


Let's remove any potential for tricky moments. Get prepared! Throw out any items that aren’t moving us towards our goals. Then, get to the grocery store. And if we don’t have time to do that, let's get the groceries delivered. Let's set ourselves up for success. No excuses.


Use the power of our words.  Let's not say “I can’t eat/drink that”, instead let's use “I don’t eat/drink that”. Do you hear the difference? Let's use it!


You knew this had to come up! Water. Especially, first thing in the morning, with lemon. This will help with hydration after hours of sleep, it will boost your immunity and support your skin. Continue on through the day. We know how much we need. Use whichever trick to get it done. Bands around a glass, removing one each time we drink. A chart to tick off or colour in.  An app. Just find a way. Our bodies and minds will thank us.


We know that movement is an essential part of the plan if we really want to rid ourselves of that belly fat. Not only is this going to make us look better but we are going elevate happy levels too. Book a class or enrol in an online programme. Just don’t skip this step!

Does this all sound obvious? Have you heard it all before? I am sure you have. But are you putting it into practice? Be honest with yourself. Where are your gaps? Find them and fix them! And if you really want to ramp up your wellness in 2018, work with me and we can go deeper into creating the body and life you truly desire.

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