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LEELA IS A HOLISTIC HEALTH COACH SPECIALISING IN PLANT-BASED NUTRITION. Her work combines this knowledge with balance in all aspects of life - movement, creativity, relationships and spirit - to develop an individualised and focused plan of simple rituals, setting you upon the path to a diet-free, healthy body, to restorative sleep, glowing skin, nourishing relationships and simple stress management.  it's time to reveal your very best self!

Health EQUALS happiness. let's start today!


Cleanse and beyond

Join me for this empowering journey! Email me at for details on how to enroll.



Fill your plate (and your glass) with delicious whole, nutrient-dense foods.  Eating well tunes your mind into a clear and focused state, motivating exercise, supporting deep sleep and returning you to the practice of eating well day after day.  Each morning is a new beginning – each food choice a journey to your best self.



Whilst nourishing food is an essential foundation to health, we need balance in all aspects of life to create true wellness. Movement, creativity, relationships and spirit all need to be nurtured.

Movement will protect you against heart disease, lifting weights accelerates your metabolism and strengthens your bones. Nourishing your spirit can be as simple as a 60 second daily morning meditation or a clear desk. Relationships, with our partners, children, parents, friends and acquaintances, contribute to a happy and healthy life. Creativity is essential to true happiness.

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About Leela

Leela Le Noury is a Wife and Mother, Coach, Chef, Urban Farmer, Artist and Community Activist.  She splits her time between New York City and the Island of Guernsey where she coaches people to help them create their healthiest most vibrant lives.  Simple, easily integrated food and lifestyle shifts result in weight loss, deeper sleep, clarity of mind and ease in stressful situations with a journey determined by each individual client. 

Raised within the communes of the controversial guru Osho, Leela is the daughter of an eco-builder father and fiber artist mother.  She has over 25 years experience in vegetarian and vegan cooking trained as a Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  Leela holds a BFA in Fine Arts and Art History from FIT.  She resides in Brooklyn with her musician/artist husband their 7 year old daughter.