Donella Fox

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Leela' s intuitive & personally tailored approach coupled with her kindness, encouragement & realistic goal setting makes the journey you are on with her empowering. Her coaching takes a realistic step by step approach to tackling all aspects of your life & helps to give you the tools to positively begin making changes in your life by encouraging you to be the best you can possibly be. The sky is the limit! Leela's down to earth, nurturing, loving, humour filled & practical advice on everything from her fabulous clean eating recipes (the sweet potato, avocado chili slices are a taste sensation), to improving your sleep routines, to looking at your career goals are achievable and yield results. In Leela you have a great friend at your side who never judges and is solution based. Leela encourages and supports you all the way by really listening to the improvements you are working on & helps you to establish viable, fun and realistic routes to obtaining your goals whatever they may be. I cannot recommend her enough.

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